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If you are looking for a physical therapist with a personal touch,I highly recommend the professional service of
Dr. Bahaa Afifi at Sunshine Physical Therapy. Unlike conventional facilities, Sunshine Physical Therapy is a ’boutique’ office that focuses on individual treatment without all the circuit running around from one piece of equipment to another. After going through unproductive in-home PT and weeks of PT at a conventional facility following a total knee replacement on 9/22/11, I did not achieve the target range of motion. I underwent a manual manipulation of the knee in Feb. 2012 and was subsequently referred to Sunshine Physical Therapy. Within 4 weeks at Sunshine PT, I saw significant, measurable improvement and a breakthrough. My orthopedic doctor was delighted to see that the range of motion in my knee had successfully met his expectation. Sunshine Physical Therapy made all the difference. I truly wish that I had been referred to Sunshine PT immediately after my surgery. I think my recovery would have been sooner and less stressful. Finally, may I also commend the friendlin! ess and professionalism of the staff who made doing the exercises more tolerable. Big Thanks!! :)

K. Moore

April 2012

I was in a lot of pain due to a neglected Frozen Shoulder. When I visited Sunshine Physical Therapy, I could hardly move my left arm. Dr. Afifi with his expertise and skills worked on my arm in a way that I could see changes and progress each day. Dr. Afifi is very involved with his patients and takes personal interest in each case. With his ongoing encouragement, humor and determination my arm healed very well and I was pain free.The staff at Sunshine Physical Therapy is very warm and efficient. The atmosphere is friendly and patients are attended to promptly.

This is a great place – thanks, I miss all of you!

E. Wright

March 2012


I was referred to Sunshine Physical Therapy for a problem with my foot, I had partical tears in 2 ligaments and 2 tendons. Dr. Afifi did a very complete exam and picked a plan that worked for me. After 6 months the foot is all better I can now stand and bear weight with zero pain. The personal one on one time you get is priceless. I love that it is a small practice so its not crowded like some I have been to. Dr.Afifi is an easy guy to get to know he is very friendly and funny. The ladies that work the desk and change the tables and put on heating pads and such are terrific. always smiling and a happy hello when you walk in the door. You really feel comfortable there. I was a bit sad when I was done with my theraphy because you grow a friendship there with everyone. I highly recommend going to Sunshine Physical Therapy. Thank you for all you do Dr.Afifi and Staff!!!

A�C. Barcus


Over a year long period, I’ve visited Dr. Afifi to treat my various ailments. His sure application and insight of physical therapy techniques measured my limits, bolstered my confidence, and led to my recovering the greatest mobility with the fewest visits. So, when I left hopsital with a total knee replacement, my first stop was his office. I am confident I’ll recover 100% capability sooner because of his attention

Robert S.

Sept. 2011


A few years back, I had to have both hips replaced and with each surgery came the period of recovery and rehab. Dr. Afifi was assigned to my first case for treatments. I found Dr. Afifi to be both highly qualified, skilled, and a joy to work with. This rehab business is not the most fun I’ve ever had but with Bahaa each treatment became a time to look forward to as he not only instills confidence in your recovery through his ability to produce results, but you know that he is concerned about you as a person as well as a patient. I found his professionalism and the ease by which he works with his patience to be refreshing and that passes on to the patient who, in turn, produces better results in a shorter period. When I found out that I had to have my other hip replaced I insisted! that Dr. Afifi be assigned to my case. Again, he did not disappoint.

It has now been three years since these surgeries and the physical therapy treatments that followed each, and I can honestly say that without a great surgeon and a great physical therapist I would not have the full range of motion…and without pain! Thank you, Bahaa…you have a rare talent and I would never hesitate to recommend your services to any of my friends and family!
David P.

June 2011


Sunshine Therapy was terrific. Dr. Afifi did a super job with my rotator cuff. They also accept tricare.

Cutler D, US Navy Retired.

May 2011



I had partial knee replacement surgery done on 11-10-2010 A�and started therapy on 11-15-2010.I will finish my one month therapy on 12-9. I want to say that Dr. Afifi and Mary were tops in dealing with my therapy and I would recommend Sunshine Physical Therapy to anyone I can.

Doyle J.

Dec. 2010

After thinking the knee pain and swelling was arthritis so nothing could be done, it was a revelation to get a later diagnosis of tendonitis, and a referral to Sunshine Physical Therapy. The treatment and simple exercises had me back doing my townhouse stairs without pain in only 3 weeks. I was amazed and very pleased.

Kathy M

Nov. 2010

I had a total hip replacement on the 15th of January. After my home recovery, my doctor referred me to Sunshine Physical Therapy to complete my rehabilitation with Dr. Bahaa Afifi. Bahaa spent a lot of time with me pushing me to go farther and farther with my hip movements. I can now move my hip much farther than most patients. I know I can move my hip so well because he was so encouraging. Also, he took the time to get to know me personally, and showed that he cares about the whole patient. Mary, his assistant, was a doll. She was so helpful and pleasant. Coming to the office seemed like going to visit with friends. I would recommend Bahaa highly to anyone that needs physical therapy and a friend.

Jean D.
May 10, 2010


Dr. Afifi helped me immensely resolve a very painful back problem I was experiencing. His techniques are effective, and his encouagement invaluable. I now know what to do to continue keeping my back healthy and strong on my own, but he’s there if I need him!
May 7, 2010

I am glad to find out Sunshine Physical Therapy finally has it’s own website up and running.A� Congratulations, Dr. Afifi, well done!

Finally, there is a forum for me to express how pleased and satisfied I am about the treatment I received a year ago at this clinic.

Initially, I debated to come here for physical therapy because I did not know how it would work out for me.A� I was in a lot of pain and could hardly walk. I had received physical therapy at Inova the previous year and was satisfied; therefore, I was a wee bit reluctant to have physical therapy somewhere else.A�A� However, my orthopedic surgeon highly recommended I undergo physical therapy with Dr. Afifi. Because of the high regard I have for my orthopedic doctor, I decided to follow his advise.

After four weeks of being in the care of Dr. Afifi I was able to walk and start my regular training of 5 miles a day. I must give Dr. Afifi full credit for his excellent very professional care.A� I attribute the success of the therapy to Dr. Afifia��s dedication and compassion for his patients.A� He is directly involved in all the aspects of the treatment and makes sure the patient follows up at home.

As a patient I felt I was given special attention to all my needs and concerns.A� All my questions were answered fully.A� Dr. Afifi makes sure the patient takes direct part in the treatment.A� The patienta��s input is quite significant as the treatment goes on.A� And that is why I was able to recover and get back to my normal routine so quickly.A� I really did not think I was going to be able to get back on track so soon.

Thank you Dr. Afifi for everything.
April 10, 2010

Dr. Afifi (Bahaa) is a great physical therapist! He helped me rehab after my left hip replacement in September of 2008. Before I had my right hip replaced in August of 2009, I requested to have Dr. Afifi as my therapist after surgery. I knew that he would push & encourage me to get back to full recovery. Dr. Afifi is very accommodating as far as scheduling and will work with you to fit your schedule. I told my orthopedic surgeon that I would highly recommend Dr. Afifi to other hip replacement patients. If I ever need physical therapy again, Dr. Afifi will be the first one I seek out. Thank you Bahaa & Mary for everything you did for me!
Glenda E.
Dec.29, 2009

Dr. Afifi gave me great results in a very short period. I suffered from a frozen shoulder and was to be a grandmother for 1st time in 2 wks. Dr. Afifi worked with me for a mere 8 sessions and restored me to a full range of motion to hold my grandbaby…beyond that,he provided me with tools to continue exercises at home so my shoulders would remain limber and gain strength.
Katherine C
Nov. 11, 2009

My experience at Sunshine Physical Therapy was excellent. Dr. Afifi really helped me with an elbow issue that had been bothering me for two years. His knowledge, dedication and empathy were instrumental in resolving my problem. I would recommend him to anyone that has an injury.
Brad B.
Nov. 1, 2009

I’ve been swimming since the age of thirteen, and it was just this year that my shoulders decided to give in. After several weeks of trying to get a diagnosis, it’s concluded that I suffered from a partial rotator cuff tear in my left shoulder. I received surgery weeks later, and just rested for the time being, not engaging in any rehabilitation to aid the healing process. My orthopedic surgeon recommended I see Dr. Affifi with Sunshine Physical Therapy, and it was the right decision. Dr. Affifi is a specialist in this field of medicine. His methods are efficient, his equipment is simple, yet state of the art. After a month’s worth of sessions, I have regained full range of motion and my injured arm is now more flexible than my other! I would like to thank Dr. Affifi and Ms. Mary for their kind hospitality, and I hope they continue to do what they do best.
Nicholas D.
Oct. 28, 2009

Dr. Afifi is wonderful! My back had been in serious pain when I came to him and getting it better was quite a challenge while running after a toddler. I had relief after my first appointment and with the subsequent appointments have become pain free. I highly recommend Sunshine Physical Therapy!
Oct. 26, 2009

The staff are very courteous, pleasant and accommodating. Dr. Bahaa is very professional, goal oriented and with personalized approach in working with his patients.
I will recommend anytime the Sunshine Physical Therapy for their personalized service to all patients which promotes and facilitates the healing process during the rehabilatation.

Alice A., RN
Knee Replacement Patient
Oct. 23, 2009

Unequivocally the best physical therapy sessions I have ever participated in, with superb end results. I would like to thank you, Dr Afifi and Mary for your patience and steadfastness in helping me to regain full use of my implanted knee. It is hard to believe that 60 days ago I was in severe pain, with very slight flexibility in my knee and had doubts about my ability to just walk without a limp, let alone regain my full stride with my uni knee implant. I can truthfully say that I did experience incremental improvement with each visit to Sunshine. After my first visit you gave me the advice, physical regimen and confidence I needed to heal properly and quickly. Your patience, guidance, persistence and treatments have resulted in my rehabilitation in what I am being told by others who have had similar surgery, in record time. Thank you and I truly appreciate your professionalism. You have made a big difference in my quality of life.
Don W.
Oct. 1, 2009