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  1. Melinda Clark says:

    I had months of treatment with Dr. Afifi and had significant exposure to he and his staff. Not only did he provide unfailing professional treatment for my neck and shoulder, he and his staff were at all times punctual, friendly, and flexible. On one occasion I had neglected to list an appointment in my calendar and they called when I did not show up. They were very understanding and willing to work me in later in the day without penalty. Dr. Afifi also worked with me as my injury “traveled” from my original neck complaint to include the broader shoulder area. He provided both machine-assisted interventions and physical exercises to support my healing. The office is small, welcoming, well-equipped, neat and clean. I highly recommend Dr. Afifi if you are in need of physical therapy services.

  2. Bill H. says:

    I was incredibly impressed with Dr. Afifi and the entire staff at Sunshine. From reception to therapy, the Sunshine team were incredibly pleasant and professional. I entered unable to lift my right arm above the waist due to an upper arm/shoulder injury playing racquetball. After a well-defined therapy regimen during requisite visits, I have regained full mobility and strength and have returned to the courts. Contrary to my own expectations … I actually enjoyed going and did not require any medical procedures beyond therapy. Sincere thanks …

    Bill H.
    Alexandria VA

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